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Association Commentary on Hajj Cost Hike

Government and Parliament agree to increase the cost of Hajj.

Rep: Mabruroh/ Red: Erdy Nasrul
General Chairman of Indonesian Hajj and Umrah Organizers Union (Sapuhi) Syam Resfiadi.
Foto: Republika TV/Fian Firatmaja
General Chairman of Indonesian Hajj and Umrah Organizers Union (Sapuhi) Syam Resfiadi.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- The Indonesian Government has approved an increase in the cost of organizing Hajj 2024 by Rp 93.4 million. So the funds to be paid by prospective pilgrims for the upcoming 2024 hajj are Rp 56 million, or up about seven million rupiah from last year's Rp 49 million.

Chairman of Hajj and Umrah Association (SAPUHI), Syam Resfiadi hopes that the increase will not be burdensome to the Indonesian people. Because in any case, he said, the government and Parliament have certainly discussed and considered and sought the best solution for this.

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“Indeed, with the law stated to be Rp 93.4 million for regular hajj, where Rp 56 million is paid by worshippers themselves, which is 60 percent of the cost of the package approved by Parliament, then it will be higher than in previous years for the expenses directly paid by worshippers,” Syam told Republika on Tuesday (28/11/2023).

“It is inevitable, because this is indeed the best condition decided by the DPR, the Ministry of Commerce and the BPKH,” he said again.


Syam elaborated that, with this latest price, then pilgrims who leave in 2024, will have to pay Rp 56 million. The repayment will be paid directly by the Hajj worshipers minus the initial deposit of Rp 25 million and the amount of the virtual account balance of each worshipper.

Only, if some worshippers still feel that the figure is too heavy, Syam hopes, the sharia banking authorities can find the best way out together.

“So there may be a solution, where if there are pilgrims who object to the Rp 56 million, cut 25 million so that about 31 million must be repaid, then sharia banking can certainly be one way out to be able to finance this repayment fund, so that there are no more delays, the obstacles for potential pilgrims who will leave in 2024 later on regular hajj can be helped,” Syam said.

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